Adoro Silent eSticks – Quiet Drum Sticks for Electronic Drum Set & Drum Pad – Drumsticks that Reduce the Loud Contact Noise and

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Low noise volume: – Are your neighbors annoyed when exercising on the drum pad or electronic drum? Silent drumsticks reduce battery sound volume from -4 to -9 dB compared to normal drumsticks. If you practice on an electronic drum or practice pad drum, you will also produce less “thwack”. So instead of getting angry calls…


Product Description

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Lower volume, better sound

How can you reduce the volume of a drum kit for an acoustic band setting?

  • In a church, for example, the drummer is placed behind a Plexiglas Drum Shield, and the drums are then amplified to control the volume. That’s a lot of equipment for volume control.
  • Or, drummers use special sticks, such as Wood Rods, but they don’t have the typical sound and feel of a drumstick.

With Adoro Silent Sticks you get less volume and the rebound feeling of normal drum sticks (unlike rods)

The drum accessory for acoustic live performances

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Crisp sound Less “thwack”.

Silent Sticks sound pretty much like normal drumsticks. Thanks to the dual loop reflex tip, drummers get the rebound effect of wood sticks without the penetrating “thwack” on pads. Percussion instruments such as children’s drums, e drum set and drum practice pad are therefore much less annoying.

Less volume. Better sound

You don’t have to downgrade to a Cajon to play in quiet venues. The shock-absorbing polycarbonate shafts absorb vibrations so listeners hear more drums and less stick.

Good grip. Good control.

The Dual-Textured Anti-Slip X-Grip keeps the sticks from slipping out of your hand. The handle is 15.5 mm in diameter, which is similar to a 5A drum stick. Silent Sticks are also suitable for small hands to play on a children’s drum.

Ideal for quiet and acoustic environments

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  1. Are these drumsticks really designed for live performance? Silent sticks were first and foremost designed for live playing, for intimate living room gigs, and for recording sessions.
  2. Why is Adoro Drums able to offer such sticks? Adoro specializes in solutions for quiet drums, with their own heads, drums and sticks. Their drums are used by orchestras, theaters and churches, recording studios, and anywhere else where the most balanced acoustic sound is needed.
  3. How much quieter are they than normal sticks? The fact that the sticks are about 4-9dB quieter (i.e. up to 80% quieter) is due not only to their light weight thanks to their polycarbonate shaft, but above all to the dual-twist reflex tips, which absorb most of the impact, deform, and thus, unlike rods and comparable solutions, give the stick its rebound – only much quieter.
  4. Do they work on cymbals and any type of drum? On both drums and cymbals, Silent Sticks achieve an excellent sound, very close to that of normal sticks.
  5. These drum sticks can’t be any better than a Pelxiglas cage, can they? In fact, the silent sticks reduce the drum volume without massively affecting its sound. The same cannot be said of drum shields, which are either only useful at short distances (to the miking) – e.g. to minimize crosstalk from drums into other mics, but not to get the drums themselves quieter in the room. Full Encosure, i.e. completely closed booths usually reduce the volume by between 6-15dB, depending on the design, but unfortunately they do not improve the sound, on the contrary, miking becomes indispensable; this is therefore only possible at large concerts, where the drums can still be drowned out by the music system. At small, intimate concerts, however, one would be at a loss. Here the Silent Sticks – especially in combination with our Worship Series Drums – show their advantages to the full: the drums still sound crisp and lively, just much quieter. And if you play a drum set like the Worship Series, which already has a really fat sound when played quietly, you will not only be perceived much quieter, but also have a stunningly good sound with it. If you want a good sound with the drums you already play, make sure to use single ply heads, and tune well, as the more accurate your heads are in tune, the less loud they can be played while still giving you a nice tone. Bad drum sound with silent sticks are usually a result from drums not being sensitive enough for soft play.
  6. What about quiet practice? Are they better than drum pads or silicone tips? For practicing – even on e-drums for late night silent sessions – silent sticks are great. They’re still easy to hear on acoustic drums, but roommates will notice the difference. For those who don’t want to sacrifice good sound while practicing, this is a really viable solution.
  7. How durable are they compared to regular wooden sticks? Compared to lightweight wooden sticks, Silent Sticks last about two to three times as long, but especially much longer than Wood Rods.

Adoro SSX Silent Sticks

Dimensions: 420 mm long, 15.5 mm diameter
Weight: 28 g per stick
Volume reduction -4 to -9 dB
Acoustic venues Jazz clubs, churches, living room concerts, cafes, small venues and venues with difficult acoustics
For percussion instruments Drums for children and adults, drumpads, cymbals, etc.

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Weight 2.11 kg
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2.11 ounces


1 Bundle, 1 Pair, Paar

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16.54 x 1.22 x 0.61 inches


Black Acoustic, Blue eDrum, Red Scott Pellegrom



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April 10, 2022

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Blue eDrum