Electronic Drum Set Kids Drum Set Volume Control Electric Drum Set MIDI Drum Pad with 2 Built-in Stereo Speakers, Foot Pedals,

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All-In-One Drum Set: Invest in the best and give your child the gift of music. This all-in-one solution is designed with young drummers in mind and features nine touch-sensitive pads, seven customizable drum kits, and ten preloaded songs and beats. Compact and affordable, the WG101 is the perfect tool for encouraging your child’s musical creativity.…



Product Description

2021 new pad

Unlock your potential with this portable electronic drum kit! Designed for kids and beginners, it boasts a new all-in-one design for 2023 with added mixer function, MIDI interface, game function, and two built-in stereo speakers. The waterproof silicone drum pad, now with a 1 cm thickness, delivers a realistic kick drum feel. Whether you’re practicing at home or on the go, this non-professional drum kit will help you unleash your creativity and have fun while doing it.

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2021 WG101

  • 9 Drum Pads with Touch Sensitivity
  • 10 Preset Songs
  • 7 User Drum Kit
  • 10 Beats
  • 15 Sensitivity level& 9 Volume level

  • LED Control Display
  • Headphone/ Audio out Jack
  • Audio in Jack
  • Mixer Function
  • USB Port Doubles as MIDI In/Out

Weight: 1.5kg/ 3.3 lb

Dimensions: 14.54* 13.36*2.75 in

Waterproof drum pad

Built-in lithium 2000 mA/h battery


electric drum set


headphoe jack

Digital Electronic Drum Pad

This drum pad boasts a sleek and modern LCD display that shows important details such as beat, volume, tempo, and rhythm, allowing for easy adjustments to suit your preferences.

Create Your Own Music

With the ability to connect to your computer via USB, this electronic drum kit allows you to record, save, and edit your drum recordings, giving you the power to create your unique music.

Personalized Drumming

With the headphone jack, you can enjoy a private drumming session. The aux in/out feature lets you play along with your favorite tracks and experience the ultimate jamming session.


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Experience Realistic Drum Sound

The electronic drum pad comes with several built-in beats, songs, and drum kits, offering a wide range of realistic drum audio. With nine touch-sensitive drum pads and two built-in stereo speakers, this practice drum pad delivers an immersive sound experience that mimics the sound of a traditional drum kit.

Upgrade Pedals

Experience the improved resilience of our upgraded pedals in 2023. Non-slip rubber is now added to the bottom of each pedal, ensuring a more realistic feel when playing the kick drum and hi-hat.

DAUSROOB Digital Drum Pad: Practice Anytime, Anywhere

The system is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, making it convenient for wireless and portable drum sessions, so you can drum anywhere and anytime, and it comes with drumsticks which are perfect for drumming practice.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Package Dimensions

16.93 x 7.76 x 4.02 inches


Blue, Green, Red

Item Weight

3 pounds