Pyle 13” 3-Piece Kids/Junior Metallic Striped Yellow Matt Set with Throne, Cymbal, Pedal, Bass Drum, Tom and Drumsticks


INCLUSIONS: The three-piece kids drum set includes bass drum, tom drum, snare drum, cymbal w/ stand, drum stool, bass drum pedal, and drum sticks. Ensuring your kid has everything he/she needs to start playing in one complete package ADJUSTABLE SEAT: To complement this kids drum kit, this package includes a padded drum throne, which can…


Features: – Complete Drum Kit for Kids/Junior – Wooden Shells in a Stunning Metallic Finish – Bass Drum Operated by Bass Pedal – Includes Snare Drum, Tom, and Cymbal for Creative Different Type of Sound – High-Quality and Great Sound – Lightweight Drumsticks and Cushioned Chair or Drum Throne – Comfortable to Use – Easy to Assemble – Adjustable Padded Drum Throne for Comfortable Seat and Different Playing Styles – Ideal Drum Set for Kids, Beginner, and Junior What’s in the Box: – Pair of Wooden Drumsticks – Bass Drum – Bass Drum Foot Pedal – Tom Drum – Snare Drum – Cymbal with Stand Technical Specs: – Construction Materials: Wood with PVC covering – Bass Drum Size: 13’’ x 8’’ -inches – Snare Drum Size: 10’’ x 4’’ -inches – Tom Size: 8’’ x 6’’ -inches – Cymbal Size: 8” -inches – Drum Throne Size: 9.3’’ -inches – Drum Sticks Size: 0.6’’ x 11.6’’ -inches

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Weight 19.56 kg
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18.8 x 15.3 x 14.5 inches

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19.56 pounds

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December 26, 2023


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